Interiors Photography for KBB Bathroom Designer of the Year Finalist’s Project and Why Good Photography Matters


We’ve just heard our good friends at Residence Interior Design have been selected as one of only four finalists for KBB Review’s Bathroom Designer of the Year!

We’re delight for them and wish them well in the final judging. The results are expected shortly…

We photographed the whole project, a top to bottom redesign and refurbishment of a London Knightsbridge property, shortly after completion. Below I’ve posted a few of our favourite images of the bathroom in question.

And this is a fabulous example of why having really good photography matters. When you’re showcasing your business, be it the services you provide or products you design and make, having good quality eye catching images that differentiate you from the crowd is essential. How do you make that all important first impression and stand out in the image hungry world of social media and PR? Why does a magazine editor choose your products or work to lead an article or go on the cover? How do you make an impression in a high profile design competition?

Of course your product is key but having great images on hand to show off your work, make a magazine article or cover look great or make a meaninful impression on social media is going to lift you above your competitors. Not only that, these images will go on working for you for the life of your product and in your portfolio in front of potential new clients. We’re always happy to talk about how we can help you raise the profile of your business and products, get in touch via our contact page.

©Adrian Lyon

©Adrian Lyon

©Adrian Lyon

All images ©Adrian Lyon

Photographing The Beauty Of Nature On a Frosty Morning


It’s amazing to think how many short lived displays of nature like this must have come and gone over time, so here’s three immortalised for ever.

©Adrian Lyon

©Adrian Lyon

© Adrian Lyon

All images ©Adrian Lyon

Watch Out…!

Luxury Watch Photography by Adrian Lyon

©Adrian Lyon

I love this luxury product shot of the Omega Seamaster. Nice watch too… do you think I could hang on to it….?!

All images ©Adrian Lyon

On a Mission – High End Speaker Photography

Mission launches the first of the new LX range of speakers supported by images from Adrian Lyon Photography

With a launch at the Bristol Sound and Vision HiFi show imminent I was asked to shoot the new LX range of speakers from Mission. The first two models, the LX2 and LX3, made their début at the show supported by a range of photography including a selection of cut-outs and the more creative images you see above. Looking pretty good I think you’ll agree and after a quick listen at the show I can confirm they sound pretty good too, as you would expect from Mission of course! All images ©Adrian Lyon.

Interior Design Project Features in ID Magazine

in.Design magazine features 6 pages of interiors photography by Adrian Lyon


This is a nice start to the year!  in.Design magazine have a 6 page article in the January 2015 issue featuring more of my interiors photography. Great to see and a very nice design by Residence Interior Design. All images ©Adrian Lyon


Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Year Commendation

©Adrian Lyon

I’m very pleased to have received a commendation in the Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Year competition for my image of the Lake District. It will appear in the exhibition at Waterloo Station on the new mezzanine level from the 1st of December through until the end of January as well as being displayed on the 40m wide motion@waterloo display! There’s some great images along with mine so I recommend taking a look if you’re in the London/Waterloo area. And if you’re not there’s always the book where my shot is printed over a double page spread. Nice! All images ©Adrian Lyon

London Penthouse Interiors Photography Features Over 10 Pages in KBB Magazine

Kitchen Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine features 10 pages of interiors photography by Adrian Lyon

Interoirs shoot KBB Magazine ©Adrian Lyon

I’m happy to admit it, I love seeing my shots on double page spreads! Whether it’s an ad or an editorial piece it always very satisfying to flick open a magazine and see your shots as large as life filling a DPS. It’s even better when the next 8 pages are filled with your shots too, just like this recent interiors shoot featuring Residence Interior Design’s work on a now luxurious penthouse in the March 2014 issue of KBB magazine. Here’s a few of the pages to feast your eyes on. All images ©Adrian Lyon.

Interoirs shoot KBB Magazine ©Adrian Lyon

Interoirs shoot KBB Magazine ©Adrian Lyon


Combining stills, video and time-lapse in one shoot

Combining stills with video and time-lapse makes a great breadth of material for clients from one shoot.

One of the great things about being a photographer today is the flexibility we have in producing a wide range of material out of one project.  Below is a behind the scenes video from a shoot for a Pharma client we’ve put together from the materials we shot for the ads, videos and time-lapse movies, which is a great example.

As you can see the brief was to shoot a mountain bike broken down into it’s component parts and then arranged into a graphic layout. The agency needed to produce ads in addition to printed support material with a video piece for the product launch. So from the one shoot, using our specialist overhead camera rig, we produced two time-lapse movies of the bike and it’s components building up plus behind the scenes footage with a time-lapse of the shoot progressing, not forgetting, the hi res stills images for the main ad and lots of detail shots of the components for the support material. Phew!

It was a great shoot (ads to follow) and great to be able to produce so much material for the agency and clients in combining the stills and video into one shoot. All images and video ©Adrian Lyon. All rights reserved. Video music courtesy of Bonobo

Sydney Opera House mini folio

Architectural Photography of the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House ©Adrian Lyon

Here’s a couple of shots from a mini folio of architectural images I’ve been working on which I shot earlier in the year while we were in Sydney. The black and white really sets off the tones of the Opera House against the dark sky and emphasises the wonderful graphic shapes and angles (with just a hint of Storm Trooper here and there!). Love it!
There’s more of these as an mini folio/album on my Facebook page as well as a couple of my favourites in my Interiors and Exteriors folio. Please have a look and add to me your likes. All images ©Adrian Lyon

Sydney Opera House ©Adrian Lyon


Is it really a year ago today…?

Great memories from the London 2012 Olympics which opened a year ago today

London 2012 ©Adrian Lyon

It seems hard to believe a whole year has gone by since we were all eagerly anticipating the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Sadly I didn’t get to attend that but I did get see some of the action in the stadium during the Paralympics where I took this panoramic image. It’s made up from five individual frames which were carefully stitched together, which is not as easy as you think when shooting hand held! A wonderful time to be in London no doubt about it! All images ©Adrian Lyon.