Is it really a year ago today…?

Great memories from the London 2012 Olympics which opened a year ago today

London 2012 ©Adrian Lyon

It seems hard to believe a whole year has gone by since we were all eagerly anticipating the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Sadly I didn’t get to attend that but I did get see some of the action in the stadium during the Paralympics where I took this panoramic image. It’s made up from five individual frames which were carefully stitched together, which is not as easy as you think when shooting hand held! A wonderful time to be in London no doubt about it! All images ©Adrian Lyon.

New Interiors Photography Folio Updates

Interiors Photography by Adrian Lyon

Bath with a view ©Adrian Lyon

Here’s two great shots from some recent interiors shoots which I really enjoyed. It was a pleasure to study and capture the design and attention to detail that’s gone into these two properties from Stephen Dick at Residence Interior Design. Love the idea of having a bath with a view of the Shard also! You can see more from these shoots in my Interiors folios in the folios section. All images ©Adrian Lyon.

Modern and retro living room and study ©Adrian Lyon


New Image Licensing Through Gallery Stock

Some of my images available through Gallery Stock

I’m really pleased to announce the start of a new partnership with Gallery Stock who are a premier stock agency based in New York and London. Gallery Stock offers creative content from some of the most internationally distinguished photographers in the industry. From the Gallery Stock website “…The concept is simple: to license only the highest-quality photography to premium customers. Gallery Stock connects art buyers, photo editors, art directors, and designers with the photographers they know by name from the fine art world and the commercial assignment industry…”.

You can follow a link on the screen shot above to my images represented by Gallery Stock (which will be growing in number as the year progresses) and from there to the rest of their website. All images ©Adrian Lyon/Gallery Stock.

Track Audio Shows Their Metal

Studio Photography for Track Audio

Track Audio componants ©Adrian Lyon

These beautiful components from Track Audio were part of a brochure shoot with David Denyer PR which included all their range of audio support equipment. It’s exquisitely made stuff, the attention to detail and the wonderful machining goes right across the range. A joy to photograph! All images ©Adrian Lyon.

Track Audio componants ©Adrian Lyon

The last sunset… well, of 2012!

Landscape Photography from South Australia

Carrickalinga Beach ©Adrian Lyon

The last sunset on Carrickalinga Beach for 2012. A lovely way to see the year out. Happy New Year!

All images ©Adrian Lyon.

50 years of the Audio Cassette

An image celebrating 50 years of the audio cassette

Cassette ©Adrian Lyon

So do you remember the humble audio cassette and the majesty of the mix tape and recording your favourite tracks from the Top 40 on a Sunday afternoon? It’s hard to believe it’s fifty years old yet at the same time it seems like an age since it was a useful way of storing and reproducing music such has been the progress of technology in recent years.

It was never the most reliable of media with great arm-fulls regularly needing to be fished out of the deck before being feed gently back into the cassette plus it never really sounded good, especially after a spell in the car. But it did (eventually) allow music to become properly portable and accessible almost anywhere (assuming you had enough batteries) which is reason for celebration in it’s self.

Wonder how long it will be before we’re saying similar things about CDs and DVDs?

All images ©Adrian Lyon.

AOP Photographers Awards Success!

Image series selected for the 2012 AOP Photographers Awards!

AOP Awards Wire Series ©Adrian Lyon

AOP Awards Wire Series ©Adrian Lyon

AOP Awards Wire Series ©Adrian Lyon

It’s almost time for the 2012 AOP Photographers Awards and I’m delighted to have had this image series selected for the 2012 Awards. It’s a great feeling to get the email announcing your images have been selected to be part of the couple of hundred images which make up the book and exhibition (out of the several thousand entries!). Yeah!

All images ©Adrian Lyon.

Loving these new shots from the London 2012 Olympic Park

Urban Landscape Architectural Photography at London 2012

Olympic Park, London 2012 ©Adrian Lyon.

Olympic Park, London 2012 ©Adrian Lyon.

Olympic Park, London 2012 ©Adrian Lyon.

Olympic Park ©Adrian Lyon

The Basketball Arena at the Olympic Park, London 2012 designed by Sinclair Knight Merz with Wilkinson Eyre and KSS. All images ©Adrian Lyon.

A bit more HiFi+

Studio Photography for HiFi+

Magico Q1 for HiFi+ ©Adrian Lyon.

These are a two of my favorite shots of the Magico Q1 speakers and Jadis JA120 amp from a couple of recent shoots for HiFi+ magazine. Both are gorgeous products and phenomenally expensive too, but worth every penny, I’m told… (guys, may be next time I could borrow them for while?!) All images ©Adrian Lyon.

Jadis JA120 for HiFi+ ©Adrian Lyon

Photo-booth fun with IBM

IBM Gala Dinner photo-booth photography

IBM Photo-booth © Adrian Lyon

IBM Photo-booth ©Adrian Lyon

If ever you need a location for a photo-booth style shoot then you could do a lot worse than the  London Film Museum. I recently had to set up this shoot to fit in with a gala dinner as part of a IBM European conference. The dinner was hosted at the museum which is in the old GLC building on the South Bank so we went for a back stage at the movies style set and bit of glamorous lighting which all the delegates loved. A great fun evening! All images ©Adrian Lyon.