Interiors Photography for KBB Bathroom Designer of the Year Finalist’s Project and Why Good Photography Matters


We’ve just heard our good friends at Residence Interior Design have been selected as one of only four finalists for KBB Review’s Bathroom Designer of the Year!

We’re delight for them and wish them well in the final judging. The results are expected shortly…

We photographed the whole project, a top to bottom redesign and refurbishment of a London Knightsbridge property, shortly after completion. Below I’ve posted a few of our favourite images of the bathroom in question.

And this is a fabulous example of why having really good photography matters. When you’re showcasing your business, be it the services you provide or products you design and make, having good quality eye catching images that differentiate you from the crowd is essential. How do you make that all important first impression and stand out in the image hungry world of social media and PR? Why does a magazine editor choose your products or work to lead an article or go on the cover? How do you make an impression in a high profile design competition?

Of course your product is key but having great images on hand to show off your work, make a magazine article or cover look great or make a meaninful impression on social media is going to lift you above your competitors. Not only that, these images will go on working for you for the life of your product and in your portfolio in front of potential new clients. We’re always happy to talk about how we can help you raise the profile of your business and products, get in touch via our contact page.

©Adrian Lyon

©Adrian Lyon

©Adrian Lyon

All images ©Adrian Lyon

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